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    Welcome e to visit the website of xiamen jinfuguan packing supplies co., LTD.!


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    About us


    Xiamen jinfuguan packaging supplies co., ltd. is located in the beautiful industrial concentration area of tongan, xiamen, with its own production plant of 5,000 square meters, focusing on production and processing. Our company can provide the following processing services according to customer requirements:

    1, various die cutting processing, gluing, composite, cutting.

    2, plastic department: plastic bags, PE, PP, PVC, high-frequency bags, stretch film, packaging belt.

    3, tape department: production and sales AD brand series of special double-sided tape, all kinds of temperature resistant tape, spray paint tape, EVA gasm, IXPE, CR, NBR, POROM, EPDM, sponge, all kinds of special foam, material punching, glue...

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    Xiamen jinfuguan packing supplies co. LTD

    Address: 3rd floor, no.178 tongan garden, tongan industrial district, xiamen city

    Telephone: 0592-7895683 7895682

    Email address:xieqingde2008@163.com

    Website: www.dxhxjd.cn

    Chinese domain name: jinfuguan.com jinfuguan.cn